The Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) collects environmental data from cooperating members with observing networks. The data are stored and made available on this website.

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The drought situation for Iowa continues to be of great concern this growing season. The featured map displays precipitation departures over the past month with a majority of the state below average and some portions even more than three inches below average. Up until recently, west central Iowa was the epicenter for the driest conditions, but now central into eastern Iowa has joined in. The forecast continues to not look good for needed rainfalls arriving anytime soon. The clock is ticking for rains to come to help rapidly maturing crops. The only good news is that temperatures will be cooler until next weekend, which should help reduce some stress for plants.
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Data from the Iowa State Soil Moisture Network is found on this website and daily soil temperature averages are used to produce the highlighted analysis.


Besides point observations of precipitation, the IEM also processes gridded rainfall products made available by NOAA. This information is archived and made available in GIS ready formats.

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The IEM combines data from participating networks into products like maps shown above and web applications to analyze the data.

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